Freeing Your Inner Child Workshop Replay

I am so excited to offer this workshop on inner child work to you! Let's create emotional freedom one person at a time.

- Theresa Johnson, Life/Self Love Coach

Inner child work is the process of reconnecting with the wounded inner child to heal from past trauma and dysfunction. It requires deep, intentional work to acknowledge, hear and love the inner child while giving her what she needs.

In this workshop, I discuss my 4 steps to healing the inner child:

  • Acknowledge the Inner Child
  • Hear how she is acting out
  • Loving yourself enough to meet your needs
  • Balance the spiritual / energetic aspect

    Continuous practice of inner child work helps you to:

    • Feel in control of your decisions & end self sabotage
    • Parent your own children with more compassion
    • Create healthier relationships
    • Hold a stronger sense of self

    You can check out the live replay of the Freeing Your Inner Child Workshop below.

    Click here to download your copy of the Freeing Your Inner Child Workbook.

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