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About The Founder

Hi, I'm Theresa Johnson!

I am a certified Life Coach by the Life Coach Training Institute and Self Love Coach by The Self Love Lifestyle. I empower women affected by negative social conditioning to build healthy relationships with themselves (mind, body & soul) through transformation coaching, wellness coaching and 

spiritual guidance, so they can live in alignment with their most healthy and happy self.

I have studied numerous wellness topics including: Ayurveda, Herbalism, spiritual philosophy and stress management since 2017 to build my knowledge of alternative healing. I have improved my own mental, emotional and physical wellness by making simple lifestyle changes from the knowledge I have acquired.

I used to struggle with mood swings, unhealthy eating cycles and imposter syndrome. I was a people pleaser due to having a serious lack of self worth. I was emotionally immature because of the past negative experiences I avoided facing.

It wasn't until I began my spiritual awakening, around 2017, that I began to have more gratitude for this vessel granted to house my spirit and treat this body with respect. It was then that I began to find peace within myself without needing validation of others. I blossomed into the true Goddess that was always there waiting to be seen.

I later founded The True U, with the intention of helping other Goddesses find themselves despite of their pasts and reach the peace I struggled so long to find. Let's go down this journey of healing together.


The True U Also Offers

  • The True Blog to read on the latest wellness & spirituality content
  • Crystal Jewelry & Other Conscious Gear
  • Natural, Handcrafted Products to pamper yourself without the extra stress of harmful chemicals
  • The True University coming soon!