The Journey to Self Awareness

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  How well do you know yourself? On a scale of 1 - 10, how aware are you of what's happening within your body? How aware of your own thoughts are you? Do you have an understanding of your life purpose?
  Self awareness relates to how informed a person is of her own character, feelings, motives and desires. A person's level of self awareness determines how well she will make decisions, handle daily obstacles, establish self worth, interact with others and so much more. Awareness draws the line between a human being and being human.
  In Spirituality, we talk a lot about stepping out of living in the mind to learn to live from the heart - Intuition - and reaching enlightenment. In the beginning, building self awareness may feel like you're living in your head too much as you seek to learn more about who you are and why you think the way you do. However, what matters is if you are acting from a place of mindlessness or mindfulness. Mindlessness is like driving a car from the passenger seat. Your mind is constantly in control of the way you feel and react to the external. Being able to cultivate deep awareness puts you directly in the driver seat of your life.
  Interoceptive Awareness is a form of self awareness that requires a person to listen to how her body feels and what's happening inside. Building strong interoceptive awareness improves how well we can tune into our body's natural signals, like hunger and exhaustion, so that we can give ourselves exactly what we need when we need it. You can tap into interoceptive awareness by simply becoming curious about your body, honoring when you need something (rest, food, movement, etc.) and practicing meditation.
  Meditation is one of the best ways to build awareness. During meditation, one spends time quieting the chatter of the mind, using deep breathing techniques, and being intensely present with the current moment.  Meditation does not have to be sitting in one spot, hands in a mudra, but can be done at any point throughout the day. It just requires you to immerse yourself in the present moment of an activity. If you're showering, pay attention to how the warm water feels on your skin and the scent of your soap. When the mind is quiet, it becomes easier to hear the wisdom of the Intuition. During meditation, use this time to ask yourself what you need and check in with how you are feeling. 
  Another form of self awareness is becoming aware of your life purpose. We are all put on this Earth for various reasons, and each of us provides a unique contribution to society. You can use numerology to discover your own life path. Your life path number is calculated from your birth date and will offer you information on your purpose, obstacles you may face in this lifetime and how you will express yourself in this lifetime. 
To calculate your life path number:
  • Add all of the non-zero numbers of your birth date together
  • For example: a birthday of May 3, 1993 would be added as 5+3+1+9+9+3=30
  • You would then add the number of the sum to get the life path number (3+0=3)
  • Always keep adding until the sum is just one number from 1 - 9

  Remember, building self awareness is a journey, so be sure to approach it with patience. The beginning of the road to awareness starts by separating yourself from the mind. Practice watching your thoughts as they come and go; without judgement as judging only brings the mind back. Question and challenge your thoughts and current beliefs as you notice the ones that arise often. Then, will you notice what has been implanted by social conditioning, or the beliefs held collectively in your culture.
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Much peace and love to you. 

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