Stress Management & Herbal Tea

When was the last time you felt stressed? 

How did you feel physically? Mentally? Emotionally?

 A part of human nature is to experience stress. Without it, survival would be extremely difficult. Stress is how the body reacts to a perceived danger. This is how ancient humans developed the fight or flight response to escape predators or battle rival tribes. When we encounter a stressor, large quantities of cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine are produced in the body. These hormones trigger physical reactions in the body such as increased blood pressure, sweating, alertness and heightened muscle preparedness. All of these reactions would be very necessary if there was actual imminent danger, but what about when we feel stressed from things that can't cause actual harm? 

Although most humans live in a much more civilized way, without any real predators, stressful situations are still very real. Lack of money, illness, pollution and relationships are potential causes of stress. However, our bodies have no way of determining if a stressor is dangerous or non-life threatening. This means the body will have a similar response to an eviction notice as it would a rattlesnake!

Creating a stress management tool-box is crucial to preventing chronic stress which can lead to problems with the cardiovascular system. Different tools like mindfulness practices, practicing gratitude, and healthy relationships can help reduce the negative effects of stress. There are also different foods to consume that will help manage these symptoms as well.

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Here are 3 Herbal Teas that you can use to help reduce the effects of stress:

Hibiscus Tea

  • May help lower blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular disease
  • Contains polyphenols which aid in cancer prevention
  • Helps to improve health

Peppermint Tea

  • The herbal constituent, menthol, is a natural muscle relaxant

Chamomile Tea

  • Helps to relax the muscles
  • Reduces irritability
  • Reduces insomnia

 Adding extra lifestyle changes like exercise (yoga especially), journaling and self care will help in coping with stressful situations by creating a healthier mind, body and soul. The healthier you are, the better you will be at managing how you deal with stress. Keep in mind that any stress management practice should be incorporated into your daily routine for best results. 

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 Disclaimer: Please consult your health care professional before attempting any of the techniques or advice listed here. This article is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any health conditions.

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