Preparing the Ultimate Spiritual Bath


I think it's safe to say that just about everyone has taken a bath at some point in their lives. Can you remember how soothing it felt and how relaxed you felt after? As a matter of fact, baths are most parents go-to for bedtime routines to get those little ones simmered down for the night. Water has always been sought after for its calming abilities. Spiritual Baths take these effects to another level. The purpose of a spiritual bath is not just about cleansing the body, but mostly cleansing the spirit. The same way that our physical bodies become tired and dirty, our spiritual bodies can become drained and muggy as well. You may have taken a partial spiritual bath, without even knowing it, by adding things like Epsom salt to the bath for extra relaxation. We can take it even further than that!

A spiritual bath helps to cleanse the whole auric field. Our auras are our spiritual bodies; the parts of us that extend past our physical bodies. Each day, the aura is bombarded with all kinds of different energy and can actually hold on to these events. Have you ever been talking to someone who was just really negative or aggressive and felt super drained after the encounter? Even though you didn't physically partake in a tiring activity, your aura did. The negative energy that was indirectly (or directly) placed upon you by the other person was absorbed into your aura. This is why you hear the term "protect your peace" so often. However, we may not be able to run from every stressful situation. You may have a friend that needs to vent or get in some trouble with your boss; with walking away not completely being an option. This is where a spiritual bath can be helpful.

Everyone may approach setting up their spiritual bath differently. Always do what resonates and feels right for you. However, also remember that the more intention you put into your bath, the better the results will be. 

To prepare your Spiritual Bath:

  1.  Always make sure your bathroom is super clean. This is supposed to be a calming and rejuvenating experience, and a dirty bathroom sends the opposite message to your subconscious.
  2. Shower before your bath. This bath isn't so much for physical cleansing and no one wants to just sit in dirty bath water. A short shower will get the job done. 
  3. Gather your crystals, incenses, candles, herbs, salts, flowers, etc. that you will be using as a part of this ritual. I will explain the uses for each and why you would want to include them in your bath later. (Our Don't Be Salty: Ethereal Bath Salts contain the salts and herbs that you may want to use in your bath)
  4. Smudge all of these items as well as the complete bathroom with sage or palo santo. (Be sure to make sure the door and any windows are OPEN to let any negative energy out)
  5. Set up and run your bath. The water should be warm but not uncomfortably hot. As the water runs, drop in your salts and herbs to be mixed and infused into the water. Light your incense. Place your crystals and candles around the edge of the bath tub as well as throughout the bathroom (Disclaimer: if this can not be safely achieved, do not add candles to avoid a fire hazard. There are LED candles or fairy string lights that will give a similar effect). 
  6. If you have some, drop some flowers over your bath after you finish running the water. Choose fragrant and bright varieties for an extra sense of calming. 
  7. Play some relaxing music. Choose music with frequency healing hertz or binaural beats. If you choose to go with music with lyrics, choose happy and uplifting music. Your subconscious does not need to be taking in any kind of negativity in this moment. 
  8. Diffuse or add some relaxing essential oils. Use sweet and calming scents like lavender, orange, ylang ylang, rose, etc. You only need about 5-7 drops. 
  9. Place your intention/blessing over your bath. Water is thought to hold memory and vibrations. Tell your bath your reasoning for it before stepping in. (I.e. "This bath will cleanse me of all stress that I've endured." "This bath will uplift and relax me.")
  10. Turn off the lights and close the door. Step gently into your bath with an open mind.
  11. As you sit in your bath, you can meditate on your intention. Visualize yourself in a state of bliss and divine happiness. Feel your heart center open and accept the love of the Universe. Visualize the weight of the world flow off your body and into the water. Stay like this for about 15 minutes or however long is comfortable
  12. As you drain the water, imagine all of your worries flowing down the drain and know that you have been cleansed. 


An extra step: Create some moon water to add to your bath. This water should sit in a glass bottle/jar that can be closed tight and sat outside under a new or full moon. Do not make moon water under eclipses as the energy can be unpredictable. New Moon water helps with new beginnings. Full Moon water helps to amplify your intention (make sure you are 100% clear with this one). 


Reasoning for each ingredient:

  • Salt ( sea salt, Epsom salt, Himalayan pink salt specifically) - helps to release negative energy and blockages
  • Herbs help to intensify your intention and have healing properties. Lavender promotes calming. Rose brings love and beauty. Lemon Balm helps to uplift your mood. Mint brings abundance. 
  • Candles, Incense, Water & Crystals - represent the elements (Fire, Air, Water, Earth)
  • Crystals contain different energetic frequencies. Rose Quartz helps with love. Amethyst helps strengthen intuition. Black Tourmaline helps with protection. Selenite helps to cleanse.
  • Essential oils add therapeutic properties. 

Sending you peace, love & light :)



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