Down to Earth

  In the throes of our present reality, we tend to get caught up in the fast paced world we know today. Daily life has definitely changed over the last hundred years. We have lost our touch with nature, most of us being out of sync with our own bodies even. Reconnecting; however, is so simple you'll be able to begin today. Let's get grounded

   To understand why grounding is important, you must understand physical and energetic wellness. All organisms are bioelectric beings, each with its own electromagnetic field, or aura. The aura extends from and surrounds our being like shown below. The aura is divided into 7 layers that correspond to the 7 chakras (a different blog for a different day, sign up for The True Newsletter to receive updates on the latest article uploads). The health of the aura goes beyond physical wellness into mental and spiritual wellness. 

So what happens when our energy fields become unstable?

  Because most people don't have the gift of clairvoyance, there are ways of knowing if your aura is weak and unstable without viewing it. Different signs include:

  • Experiencing intense emotions for very small reasons
  • Taking on other's emotions as your own
  • Feeling unsafe or insecure when there is no reason 
  • Having low energy without any other physical cause (diet, lack of rest, etc.)

  It is known that the Earth gives off electromagnetic waves, and we can actually absorb this celestial energy. This energy can improve our well-being when we connect with it. When we reconnect to the Earth's energy, this ancient practice is called grounding or earthing. Through this process, energy from the Earth is brought into the body through the soles of the feet (the Earth Star chakra). This grounding helps to keep us centered and balanced. It reduces stress, decreases pain & inflammation, improves circulation and lessens the symptoms from menstruation. The people, so many like to call "Tree Huggers", just may be onto something.

  One way you can practice earthing is by walking barefoot for at least 30 minutes a day on grass, soil, concrete or sand. These are all great conductors of energy. If you don't want to be barefoot, your best option is to find a pair of authentic leather-soled shoes. This is because the rubber-soled shoes we own today restrict this energy from flowing through our feet. A few other ways you can practice earthing are gardening with your bare hands, literally hugging a tree, and practicing yoga and meditation outside on the bare ground. Also, listening to 432 hz music will help as 432hz is the frequency of the Earth.

  If you suffer from chronic dis-ease, one of the first steps to healing is by reconnecting to nature and eliminating harmful objects in your environment (with the next being following whatever instructions of your primary care physician of course). We are surrounded by so many factors in our environment that can harm our health (pollution, processed foods, toxic skincare products, contaminated water, etc.). Free radicals (highly reactive atoms) are another. Free radicals are a normal by-product of oxygen metabolism but, due to modern everyday life, we are exposed to more-than-normal amounts. We are constantly being exposed to radiation and free radical damage from household appliances, cell phones and WIFI. Other factors that contribute to free radical damage are pollution, tobacco smoke and pesticides.

Grounding balances our mind, body & soul.

 Free radicals destroy body cells through he process of oxidation. A visual for this would be compared to the rust on metal that is caused by oxidation. This damage leads to inflammation which can cause cancer, heart disease and stroke. Grounding can help to decrease the amount of free radicals by balancing the body's energy. Free radicals are positively charged while the energy released from the Earth is negatively charged. This creates a neutral environment within the body that the free radicals can't survive in. 


  Other forms of grounding for mental wellness (clarity & calmness which reduces stress) include a grounding meditation and sensory connection. To practice grounding meditation, you would allow yourself at least 10 minutes of undisturbed quiet time. 

  • Sit in a comfortable position
  • Take 5 deeps breaths to center yourself
  • Scan your entire body feeling slowly as you relax each muscle
  • Imagine a golden cord connecting your bottom to the center of the earth OR
  • Feel the separation of your body from your chair and other objects around you

Send me a message with the practices you've tried and how it worked out for you. I'd love to hear what you experienced!

**This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness or disease. Also, seek the professional advice of a licensed medical professional before taking any advice listed here. 

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