4 Ways to Feel Comfortable in Self Love


I think self love was one of the biggest trending topics for 2020. 

2020 showed us why having a solid foundation on self love could make or break our mental, physical & emotional health. However, what can you do when you experience difficulty practicing true self love? It's one thing to speak about it, but how can we actually step into it? I mean, I'm a young mom of a newborn and a toddler experiencing my own life crisis, and I'm supposed to find time to pamper myself, eat right and exercise each day? This may be how you're feeling about this particular topic, and I completely understand. Or what if you don't believe you're worthy of experiencing nice things and happiness in the first place? Well, I've got something for that, too.  

Cause see, here's the thing - self love should feel like a natural part of your daily life. Self love shouldn't feel like a chore, and it shouldn't feel like something foreign to you. We are all worthy of feeling valued, nurtured and loved unconditionally. Being able to fully experience self love comes with some pretty awesome side effects as well like:

  • Greater Sense of Fulfillment
  • Reduced Stress & Anxiety
  • Improved Health & Wellness

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In this article, I am going to run you through 4 ways to feel more comfortable about practicing self love because a better world starts with happier, more caring people.  

1. Realize that you must keep your cup full in order to help others efficiently. Most mommas and caretaker souls struggle with this one most. It's that feeling of "how dare I stop doing for others and choose myself for once?" We have the tendency to feel guilty or ashamed for wanting a break. Well, how do you end up feeling by always being that 'go-to' person? Burned out? Pessimistic? Irritable? This is because we are allotted a specific amount of energy with each new day. Imagine that you're a power bank and each time you let someone charge their phone with you - your energy is depleted more and more. Yet, you can reduce how quickly you run out of energy by taking time to recharge yourself. What can you do to start recharging your battery when you feel drained?

2. Reframe who you believe is worthy of self love. If you struggle believing that self love is possible for you, ask yourself "why?" Let's do a quick activity: think of all of the people you know. Would you say that some of them are valuable and others are not? If not, then why are you putting a value on your self love? Somewhere, you picked up the belief that it is pointless for you to be cared for and loved. Go deep and find out when & why then forgive yourself for holding this belief and forgive the person who gave it to you. 

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3. Connect with your Higher Self. Building your spiritual awareness will help you in creating a higher purpose for making your wellness a priority. When you stop looking at life as being this miserable existence and realize that you are a spirit having a human experience, you begin to see things from a different perspective. You are literally the Universe/Source/God experiencing life from the point of view of being you. To care for yourself is to care for God, and let's just take a moment to sit in the awe of that revelation. Feels good doesn't it?

4. Find practices that fit you as an individual. Self love especially in the form as self care is going to be different for everybody. Bubbles baths and drinking tea may not be for everybody, and that's perfectly okay! You may find that self care is simply setting firm boundaries or setting time aside each day to plan your day. Whatever it looks like for you, be sure to honor it.

So, check in with me - how are you feeling about loving yourself unconditionally now? I know that if you are accustomed to a certain belief for so long, it can be difficult to transform it. That's why this is a practice - it takes continued effort. Set the intention, devise a plan and take the necessary action each day. Soon, you'll find it coming natural to you. If you are still confused about where to start you can download my 6 Selfish Acts to do Each Day to Feel Whole Again. This daily checklist contains activities that you can do each day to relieve and prevent negative effects of stress. I hope to hear from you soon!

Much peace & love to you, Goddess. 

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